tarantula serpent

… is a Folktronic/Americana band. We blend synths with all our favorite genres of music for a style all our own. Our motto: If it sounds good, it is good. We have 2 flavors of music: 1. Fun 2. Sentimental. Listen to hear for yourself below.

We recently released our 1st album: Luigi Airlines.

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A few words about Luigi Airlines:

Luigi Airlines is a collection of catchy short funny or sentimental songs specially designed for the A.D.D. generation. The tracks are put together in a “DJ mix” fashion, so they bleed together seamlessly. (For anyone listening online, there will be small gaps between songs as they load, to get the “real” experience of this album, you will need to download it!) Once you’ve tried it in the intended order, try the album on shuffle… You’ll be surprised by the results!

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(Preview on bandcamp site starts from track 14, click first track to hear form beginning)

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