Tarantula Serpent was Founded in Cactus, CA ( bit.ly/YCdnsb) on September 21, 1976.  Luigi Airlines barely made it into existence and was created over a grueling 7 year stint from 2011 – 2018 in a coastal California city.

A bit about the guys behind the tunes…

Serpent grew up as the son of a formula one race car driver. He is a photographer and a traveler. Tarantula was raised on a gold mine. He is a painter and a short distance runner. As the legend goes, the two met at the house of an online salesman, where they came to fisticuffs over the purchase of an electronic drum kit. After a gentlemanly brawl, some good bruises, and a few tumblers of whiskey at the local bar, they became very good friends. The rest is history.

The music is a mix of many influences including, but not limited to: anti-folk, electronica, alternative rock, funk, hip hop, art pop, and soul music. When forced to claim a genre, Folktronica is all they could agree on. They are not sure if that’s the best fit, so you can decide for yourself. Luigi Airlines is a collection of catchy short funny or sentimental songs specially designed for the A.D.D. generation.


Some reviews:

“Tarantula Serpent is like if Beck’s genes were spliced with that of Bob Dylan and the result fornicated with the orphan bastard daughter of Lady Gaga and Michael Diamond. Get ready to be socked in the face by a 12000 lb. gorilla.”
-The Orion

“With a name like Tarantula Serpent I didn’t know what to expect. Then they played and I didn’t know what to expect. When the set was over, I bought their CD sampler, and I didn’t know what to expect. I don’t know what to expect next from these guys and I love it.”
Adam Ferrit – The Daily Aztec

“Their sound is venomously intoxicating, you will get stung.”
Bobby Zim – North County Times.

“Purely a good time.”
Bryan Malia – City on a Hill Press

“Watch out or you will be bitten by the contagious music of Tarantula Serpent!”
Doug Witten – Big Lobes Music Journal